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Alessia Xoccato

xoccato.-copMade-in-Italy design, creativity and quality are the three basic elements that distinguish Alessia Xoccato’s collections. Characterized by an essential and international aesthetic appeal the brand is aimed at creating a clean-cut, timeless aesthetic at once sartorial, artistic and sophisticated.
Relying on a family tradition dating from the early Fifties, Alessia presented her first capsule collections in 2009 and won prestigious competitions at Milano Fashion Week, Next Generation 2009 and “Who is on next?” promoted by Vogue Italia and Altaroma in 2012. Alessia’s creative process is articulated bilaterally between product design, clothing architecture and project design and concreteness of forms and material constituents.
Continuous research into fabrics and materials informs the structure of her garments. Their architectural shell and outer skin play with material contrasts and chromatic matchings for a decisive emotional impact. Clean, graphic and linear geometries define fresh and modern products. The shirt identifies the brand, the wardrobe classically reinterpreted through the generation of new transversal ideas in the development of the collection. Outerwear, simultaneously, remains the iconic garment par excellence. Alessia’s collections dictate a complex femininity and a sweet formal rigour.

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