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Beby Italy | Diluce

beby-24-copBeby Group’s know-how relies on the heritage of local craftsmanship.
The Firm realizes its works and furniture in synergy with the area where it is located, and the quality, technical and building features of its products are unique.

The whole range of its production stages enhances hand-made Italian items, a symbol of outstanding design worldwide, and with their fifty-year-old activity BEBY ITALY and DILUCE can pride themselves on their great prestige and achievements. The group is outstanding for its commitment, endless research and steadfast entrepreneurial spirit, and  the brand is renowned worldwide as Light & Living and Living Design High Luxury.
The lighting devices and the furniture, which interact with the exhibition and living spaces,  stand out for their architectural details, noble materials and  valuable sophisticated finishing.
The designer Silvia Broggian, the brand’s creative director, is the author of  works which combine elements from the Made in Italy tradition with modern technological innovation, a present-day interpretation of forms that focuses on materials and on essential structural elements. Creativity in its matter totality can be admired in the prestigious Milan space, the expression and embodiment of a philosophy entirely dedicated to the search for styles, ideals and trends devoted to interior design.


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