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Haus Dosen

Gentle Monster – Haus 0 10 10 10 1


Gentle Monster - Haus 0 10 10 10 1

The South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster launched an innovative idea for a sales space in 2021, ten years after its foundation, and with HAUS DOSEN it has created a hybrid structure that combines store, cultural space and a place for experimentation. It is space truly projected towards the future, like its “01” which in quantum mechanics represents the future forward direction, a place “to offer the consumer the experience of innovation itself, not of the product”, as Hankook Kim states.
The name Gentle Monster reflects the brand’s multi-conceptual approach: just as the frames must be delicate and easy to wear (Gentle) and at the same time full of character and appeal (Monster), so the sales space must represent the perfect combination of style and quality, displaying the product’s features in the highly creative and experimental atmosphere that is typical of the brand.

Gentle Monster Haus Dosen

Teams of designers, engineers and artists have enabled Gentle Monster to create a retail design that is both themed and immersive, made up of 3D installations and kinetic sculptures, high-performing scenography that converses with orderly and functional display sets, contained in a huge, modernist architectural shell.
Transcending gender categorisation of any kind, the lines of eyeglasses and sunglasses are displayed on the second and third floors respectively: the minimalist second floor has at its centre the multimedia installation Truth or Dare by Jonas Lindstroem which instils rhythm and tension to the overall environment, while the floor above features a kind of interpenetration between past and future with a 6-legged creature known as The Probe, created by the Gentle Monster robot laboratory after a year of research, to symbolise the brand’s experimental spirit and futuristic personality. The fourth floor reveals a balanced and elegant space, permeated by natural light, which showcases cosmetic products by Tamburins interspersed with works of art by Chulan Kwak, Mercedes Vicente and Casper Kang and, drawing inspiration from the ideal image of ‘reeds’ blowing in the wind, a kinetic sculpture evokes the values of refinement and natural uniqueness of the beauty brand.

The underground floor is occupied by Nudake’s first flagship store in Korea, and visitors are greeted by a large table, inviting them to a moment of conviviality that pervades all five senses, with the beauty of the imaginative confectionery on display and video-visual scenes by Andrea Artemisio.
It is undoubtedly an immersive, dynamic and exuberant space, each time able to present in an extra-ordinary way the various collections of the brands.
Now with over 20 flagship stores, each different from the other, and numerous collaborations, it is not difficult to understand why Gentle Monster has managed to conquer an international audience.