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HTC “reinventing vintage”

Hollywood Trading Company was established in Los Angeles in the 1990’s and proposes leather accessories that take inspiration from American vintage.The maniacal search for unique, rare pieces of HTC founder, Zip Stevenson,soon made the brand a benchmark for enthusiasts all over the world. The love and knowledge of manufacturing are expressed at best by the experience of Andrea Brà, the ideal partner to expand HTC outside the USA. HTC design is focused on care for details and ever new interpretations of past techniques.

Made in USA and Made in Italy are blended together in a superb expression of craftsmanship.Each accessory is in fact maniacally handmade by reinterpreting old items and the use of original machines from the old days , hence the concept of “Reinventing Vintage”.In the FW 2012-2013 collection details are the key to reach the most excellent quality,  developed and illustrated trough three leading themes,each with a precise identity of its own. E PLURIBUS UNUM:  borrowed from the history, this motto, title of the collection and its source of inspiration,was adopted by the USA Congress in 1782 and symbolized the union of the first 13 colonies in a single entity and expressed their hope for renewal.
The collection takes inspiration from the uniforms of the soldiers who fought to bring unification and is tuned into the current trends: a neat military look with the unmistakable HTC touch. A British inspired approach and a sartorial cut are the main elements of the theme BRIT A LITTLE BIT,created for those who prefer an updated cosmopolitan look. The classic10,000 studs are the clearest example.  The collection includes a section devoted to HTC American-inspired ‘masterpieces’ called CLASSIC BIKER: taking inspiration from collectors’ vintage research, each accessory and its studsare the result of a meticulous choice of colours and finishing touches. HTC is available worldwide in the most prestigious boutiques.