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Ideas from Massimo Osti

“Ideas from Massimo Osti” is a 412-page monograph published by Damiani, the outcome of four years’ work to celebrate one of the most famous protagonists of Italian fashion, the father of Sportswear and such brands as Stone Island, C. P. Company and Left Hand. His renowned, innovative items can be considered the basic structural elements of many collections of our days, proposed by styles that range from high street fashion to high fashion.
According to Ashley Heath, the editor of Arena Homme+ and The Face, Massimo Osti has been an all-pervading influence on men’s fashion since the Nineties.
We are indebted to the Bologna-born designer, active from the Seventies to the first decade of the third Millennium, for the invention of the garment dyeing technique, of rubberised satin and countless fabrics still in use after thirty years. Massimo Osti collected something like 35,000 pieces during his career, and 5,000 of them are still preserved in his archive.
The monograph contains 175 items and 200 accessories specially re-photographed for the book, besides the stylist’s annotations, dyeing trials, fabric samples and unpublished interviews. The contributions included range from those of his collaborators, Carlo Grazia (his right hand man) and Adriano Caccia of ITS Artea (his main partner in the development of new fabric treatments) to those of fashion designers like Paul Harvey (Stone Island 1995-2005), Sir Paul Smith, Paolo Zegna, François Girbaud and Moreno Ferrari (C.P. Company 1995-2000).
Not only does “Ideas from Massimo Osti” widely and clearly illustrate the stylist and his textile inventions, it also emphasises the unquestionable capacity of this Italian pioneer to influence generations of designers with his visionary power.

ISBN: 8862082355