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This is an excerpt from the media-kit, updated every issue.

Postal subscription, distribution points (international stores), distribution inside press and buyers areas
of the most important international fashion tradeshows, pdf version in free download, free access to website contents.
Buyers, fashion entrepeneurs, journalists, designers, publishers, trendsetters, fashion faculties students, ecc.
Publication Date:
End of July
142 (except cover)
5000 copies
Website visits:
18.000 website visitors average for month

Paper advertising offers.
Advertorial article:
2(+) full advertorial pages
Advertising page:
1 full advertising page
Spotlight article:
1 half page limited article
Web advertising offers.
Website footer banner:
1 banner on footer
Website single post:
1 full post (text + images)
Website post advertising:
1 web advertising image (+ link)

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