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Nigel Cabourn AW14


cabourn24cop“The fact that we are commemorating the centenary of World War One this year was definitely an influence on this collection but I’ve been fascinated with the design and manufacture of military clothing for many years and have thousands of pieces in my archive collection to draw inspiration from. Working closely with a number of textile producers and clothing manufacturers – many who supplied fabric and garments during the war effort such as Harris Tweed, Ventile, Mackintosh and Cookson and Clegg – has helped produce an Authentic range of outerwear, soft tailored separates, knitwear, shirts and accessories that pays homage, in design and manufacture, to clothing worn during wartime.” Nigel Cabourn

Combining functional and durable designs with a vintage feel, Nigel Cabourn, is well known for producing collections not influenced by trends but driven by true stories of people and clothing in history. Taking inspiration from military clothing from both World Wars and work wear from the same periods, he has reinterpreted details, styles and fabrics of garments – many from his own extensive vintage collection – to produce a classic collection that celebrates the best of British.

“Cabourn classic designs, such as the Mallory Jacket made in our specially designed Harris Tweed, feature strongly as well as some new additions such as the Atkinson Jacket and Farm pants and vest all produced in a beautiful washed eight whale cord.   We’ve also developed a new Everest Parka this season producing it for the first time in waxed cotton. Our third Nigel Cabourn Woman Authentic range mostly mirrors the men’s one even down to a version of the real statement piece in the collection – the Coastal Command jacket – a take on a World War Two RAF piece which combines British sheepskin with leather and cotton canvas.“ Nigel Cabourn

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