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Opificio – made with care.

Opificio is a free space, a place that proposes the most typical, carefully made handcrafted products. The label “ThingMakers” perfectly defines a store that offers clothing, accessories and food, besides a restaurant and a lounge bar where art and music events are held.
The Concept Store looks out on St Mark’s square in Prato city centre and is the outcome of the actor John Malkovic’s love for Italy, her flavours, culture and lifestyle of world-wide renown. A bent for beautiful and good tasting things can be perceived in the architecture and interior design of the space, as well as in the men’s and women’s clothing, the fashion accessories but also in the gourmet products and pastry delicacies. The store’s offer includes forty select brands with niche products that far from suffering from taste globalisation express quality, care and passion like in the old days.
With its books, furniture, accessories and magazines Opificio is perceived by visitors as a house with a distinctive lifestyle, a spirit that enables the store to turn almost overnight into a place for social life and conversation, ready to welcome guests at aperitif time or to an art exhibition, a music soirée or dinner focussed on local flavours. Variety and genuineness are the basic features of this Tuscan shop willing to let the world know the best high quality products made in Italy that attract gourmets and beauty lovers from everywhere.