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Parajumpers clothes Gruppo Volo Canadair


pjs-24-copParajumpers born from an intuition.

When Massimo Rossetti, the brand’s creator, met an officer of the Alaska-based 210th Rescue Squadron, specialized in rescue operations in dangerous or extreme conditions, he immediately realised an important missing element in the world of fashion jackets. As a result a revolutionary line was born characterized by technological innovative elements designed following a concept that combines coolness and functionality.
Trends in fashion follow one another correctly interpreted by Parajumpers season after season, yet the brand’s main sources of inspiration are military style and rescuing activities.
In agreement with the values of Gruppo Volo Canadair, Parajumpers has decided to clothe the members of this professional association, about 100 Italian civil pilots, who, just like Alaska PJS,  risk their lives to accomplish rescue missions under dangerous and extreme conditions.

For this special Group, Parajumpers has  created a limited, personalized line of Gobi bombers labeled “Canadair Limited Edition”. It is a practical short bomber with a detachable duvet lining and countless pockets which increase its functionality. The item’s military design is enriched with  Gruppo Volo Canadair’s typical patches that will proudly see the crews on their future missions.

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