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Stories by Parajumpers

pjs-copFar from being conceived as simply moving from place to place, travelling is for the brand Parajumpers, established in 2006, a search for cultures, experiences and lifestyles,  its basic sources of inspiration. After a few years their travel continues and takes the form of a tale. A travel in stages through cultures and people whose life is focused on passions and emotions.
Hauruk Porarinsson’s story follows that of his grandfather, who started his career in the ‘40s. Haukur is one of the most experienced horse breeders in Iceland and the owner of Laxnes a horse hire firm for all those who wish to undertake challenging adventures in the cold Icelandic climate. Haukur sticks to his roots and traditions  shaped by historical hardships; a challenging travel started in the X century, when only the strongest horses managed to survive and adapt to cold Iceland. Originally from southern China, the horses evolved as they moved through Siberia, Russia and Norway and finally found their ideal environment in Iceland. Haukur’s commitment to carrying on family traditions fully embody Parajumpers’ principles. Steadfastness, strength and spirit of adventure are the basic values that lead to never ending progress, and become one with the concepts of longevity and endurance. Like the sturdy Icelandic horses Parajumpers is the perfect expression and merging of these features.
Laxnes Horse farm is only the first of the seven episodes that make up Parajumpers’ latest communicative project: a multi-media travel diary in serial form devoted to the description of landscapes, cultures and personages it comes across. Parajumpers identifies with such personages, at once ‘ordinary’ and special.

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