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The “Milano” project for Serio


DSC_3032SERIO is a project born from the collaboration between La Rocca, a leading firm in the production of high quality outdoor and sports wear, on the market since 1959, and Moreno Ferrari, a Liguria-born designer of world renown (among his exhibitions mention must be made of Carrefour de la création, at Centre Pompidou-Paris, and Safe – Design Takes on risk, at MoMa, New York).
Projected into the world of design, SERIO no longer orbits the fashion system and creates a new aesthetic definition of men’s wear.
SERIO was presented at the latest edition of the Furniture Show at Milan Triennial, the venue for Milano project, where two works by Moreno Ferrari are on show at the  Permanent Design Collection. Not a simple installation, but, as Aldo Colonnetti defines it, real ‘architecture for the body’, which enables the designer to emphasise how important it is ‘to know how to do things’, a true historical value for  design-based men’s fashion. To design, for Moreno Ferrari, means to make a synthesis of languages and experiences from different places.
The concept on which SERIO is founded involves a crossing of materials, techniques, productive methods: anti-rain and anti-wind exteriors create a sober and essential style, whereas the skilful layout of interiors takes inspiration from the military world, its rich details drawn from tradition and reinvented through innovative technology. A virtuous combination of craftsmanship and innovation, SERIO is a brand that can recover new elements from tradition and give the Italian industry a new imaginative potential.



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