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Trippen T-Project

Trippen – to introduce t-project

Trippen is pleased to introduce the new t-project, which is all about revolutionary strategies aimed at achieving true, uncompromising sustainability. The future developments that the t-project has in store will involve the adoption of radical new production solutions, including the step-by-step upgrading of the firm’s industrial technological equipment.

t-project Aware:
Our next generation footwear is sourced from a vegan, biodegradable and plastic-free alternative. Most new materials on the market contain a certain amount of synthetic components, and are far from being as beautiful and as strong as leather is. While searching for existing functional materials, we came across Belgian mailbags from the ‘60s made of durable linen, which we used for our shoe upper and further strengthened with an inner cotton lining. The innovative sole we obtained is made with natural rubber, and overlaid with a footbed in natural cork. It is then constructed by creating support in three stitched layers to avoid the need for reinforcements.

t-project Karma/Kismet:
The flexible interchangeability of shoe parts has been an integral aspect of our design concept from the beginning. Over the years we have collected used and B-quality soles, with the confidence that we would one day recycle them. We now have over 18 tons-worth, which forms the basis of our new sole made out of these recycled ones. At the same time, we have also been collecting large leather cutouts which we trim into rectangles and glue together into stripes, which then create new pieces to cut our sandals from. These are equalized through sanding so that their surface takes on the look and tone of vegetable-tanned leather, and then finally our footwear’s comfort is enhanced by integrating a felt footbed obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

Trippen T-Project