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WP & Woolrich

WP Lavori has a portfolio of international brands;  each of them is unique but all of them share a rich  heritage thanks to iconic products that can be traced to the needs and lifestyles of a given historical situation.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros was born and was included in the WP family in the late ‘90s with an identity built on tradition.
Tradition is never considered as a dusty past to be set aside, but as the basic element for the endless innovation of a brand which is American by birth, but, developed today between Europe  and Japan, represents a global philosophy through a product that transcends time and space.

The communication strategy that WP adopted for Woolrich is aimed at tuning in the brand’s interpretation with its essence, laying emphasis on a cultural dimension where tale and product can merge. This is the key to the interpretation of their choice to use photography as the perfect synthesis of a union that can surpass pure aesthetics and convey  content and meaning simultaneously to illustrate the identity of a product ‘with just one story’.
After Larry Fink, Bernard Plossou, Bill Owens, Douglas Kirkland, Masao Yamamoto, Broomberg & Chanarin, it is now the turn of another ‘ photography author’, as the creative director Andrea Cané calls him: it is the Italian Paolo Ventura’s turn, with his passion for historical memory and the world of textiles,to devote his artistic sensibility to express the brand.

In the resulting narrative campaign, a sort of ‘theatre of life’, the product seems to be suspended between dream and reality;in the background,  painted backdrops illustrate ‘surreal stories’ that take us back to imaginary but possible worlds. ‘Infinite and indefinite’ places conjure up both past and present,  at once close to and far from us. Places we have never visited are engraved in our memory.  The magic of photography enables us to cross the blurred border between dream and reality where our heart and mind can dare to venture without getting lost.


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