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A sophisticated style


Ballantyne’s new 2012 Autumn-Winter collection draws inspiration from the late XIX century
English explorations and merges simplicity and refinement with its patterns of coloured lines and diamonds on neutral, lead grey or camel backgrounds.
The items proposed are characterised by bold fabric cuts and sophisticated tribal patterns; for 2012 the sober, autumnal colours are sometimes military; the cashmere, tweed and velvet fabrics are reminiscent of the brand’s Scottish tradition perfectly rendered by the image of a lady who enjoys the warmth and comfort of wool and fur details but can express a strong personality and dignity.
The items that stand out in this collection are geometrical cloaks and polo necks on masculine style trousers and knee length skirts. A gallery of unique items outstanding for their versatility and style refinement, whose classic diamond pattern is the unmistakable mark of a tradition that renews itself in time by looking at a precious future.