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Velvet Mi Amor

Velvet Mi Amor – Fourth book by Stefano Chiassai

Velvet Mi Amor is the fourth book by the international designer Stefano Chiassai, who co-authors for the third time together with his daughter Corinna. As before, this new literary initiative is not about a ‘retail’ collection but a concept, which is visualised, trialled and eviscerated in every aesthetic and social aspect.

This time, Stefano and Corinna take on the noble fabric par excellence: velvet. For almost a thousand years it has been synonymous with elegance, intertwined with the history of the Renaissance and the following centuries, up to the modern era, in the fluid progression of trends, styles and patterns that have changed so much both in weaving techniques and in the evolution of tastes. Velvet undergoes an intellectual breakthrough in this book, raising it from fabric to verb: ‘to velvet’.
The idea is a profound rethink and renewal, and to make it more attractive to the younger gen erations, who have a completely different, more fluid relationship with fashion. For them it is superior to genres, focussing on practicality, with an equally marked predilection for the new, for the never seen before, and for the experimental.
The Chiassai have made full use of their authoritative artistic and technological expertise to create an imaginary that is inspired by velvet in a very modern version of trompe l’oeil: effects and techniques that give the illusion of velvet but are in fact something else. They called it the ‘velvet effect’, applying it across the entire spectrum of fabrics: silk, poplin, cotton gabardine, moleskin, nylon, jersey, lightweight and regular fabrics, three-dimensional and non-three-dimensional, smooth and non-smooth.
In short, a revolution, to fit perfectly with a society whose codes are now being overturned on a daily basis, not only in clothing.

Velvet Mi Amor is divided into six chapters, each dedicated to a colour or a bouquet of colours, providing unique, groundbreaking creations, the result of research, attitude and – as the title states – love. Each chapter ends with ‘historical facts’, which summa rise the evolution of velvet and help us to gain a bet
ter understanding of the scope of these new uses.

The Milanese writer Stefano Ferri, a well known crossdresser, collaborated in the publication and testifies better than others to the transition to wards a world where, in the words of the Chiassai, “women or men will truly no longer exist.”

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