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Ann Demeulemeester

Renaissance. This evocative word expresses at best the new turn in the activity of the Flemish brand Ann Demeulemeester. The date when it was taken over by the Italian entrepreneur Claudio Antonioli was an important one in the brand’s life, although Ann was no longer directly involved as a designer, yet still present in the strong character she has given the brand throughout its forty-year history.

The Antwerp-based renewed flagship store, a fitting celebration of the brand’s renaissance, is a design masterpiece, a symbol that stands for Ann Demeulemeester and her home-town. The brand’s dna is now enhanced, yet it keeps casting its romantic vision over the fashion universe, the poetic overtones that have pervaded the Belgian designer’s creations since her debut.
A. Demeulemeester essential style A. Demeulemeester Sophisticated Show Room Ann Demeulemeester Show Room