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Back to the Thirties.

The spirit of that age seems to be back today, eighty years later, after delusive wealth and material happiness have disintegrated. With the disappearance of great men of power and the collapse of world finance, people feel the need for a new matter-of-fact attitude and new types of practical determined women are becoming prominent. Fashion recreates a wardrobe of classic items that answer today’s demands, with outfits that are no longer meant to be stunning but are simply for wear. The power suit is supplanted by essential, sober, rigorous items that convey a feeling of confidence and stability. Among these the suit, whether in the suit and jacket version or in separates, an item for universal use ready to merge with the rest of the wardrobe. Tailored with soft fabrics and in colours taken from the natural and urban landscape, the suit is the feminine expression of poise and restraint, the emblem of an age striving for balance and reconstruction.

Ph: Mario Sorrenti