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Kapital – Original tour of Japan

Why not embark on an original tour of Japan – from the Kyushu region to that of Hokkaido – with Kapi tal, the brand that has succeeded in redefining con temporary Japanese fashion? which is inspired by the area in which it is located and therefore expresses local culture, become stages in a journey to discover fine craftsmanship and the original interaction between America and Japanese culture espresse in the Kapital collections. Because streetwear created in Japan has a its ket element the concept of a cultural clash: a completely new freedom to rework its expressive values to create an extraordinarily original and experimen tal eclecticism, one which has never been possessed in the West. And Kapital is its forerunner: capable of combining style and manufacturing with a herit age flavour borrowed from classic American work wear, with traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques, the brand interprets and modernises tradition, creating some of the most complex and successful fashion items in the current internation al market. These pieces are carefully balanced be tween tradition and avant-garde, not limiting them selves to celebrating their own land, but analysing the connection it has with the rest of the world.

Kapital’s inspiration includes the Vietnam War, motorcyclists, cowboys, reggae, surfers and the hippie movement, to which the now iconic smile found in several collections is dedicated. Collections that are the path in a journey that travels through cultures around the world, which always ends up back home. And the original guidebooks for this itinerary are the always super-captivating lookbooks with iconic photos taken, season after season, by the documentary maker and fashion photographer, Eric Kvatek. Jeans decorated with ancient sashiko stitching techniques, denim jackets with collars and lower hems sawed off, three-dimensional down jackets woven with historic techniques from the Jōmon period, persimmon juice-based treatments that give jeans a rigid and almost sculptural fit, and flannel shirts created by sewing together five different versions cut crosswise, along with the use of the traditional Japanese Boro technique which involves the overlapping of different fabrics held together by a decorative stitching pattern, creating that DIY patchwork aesthetic that gives the pieces an aged look. Beyond the opulence of the materials and the agile tailoring of the design, it is the spirit with which the clothes are created that differentiates Kapital production: every single piece features unique details and intentional defects that can accumulate over time and during the life of the wearer; details that would not be achievable in the factory, which ultimately bring a sense of being lived in, something that makes each piece special and unique, a living creature in a constant flow of subtle transformations.
The stores themselves are equally unique and evocative, where the recontextualisation of traditional local techniques, such as the Shasiko stitch and the Boro patchwork, and the inclusion of unconventional interpretations, even of space, invite you to continue your journey into the world of original Japanese denim created by Kapital.

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