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Beby Italy 2016

Be Beby Italy

A company and a brand that have deep roots in time and in the history of our Venetian tradition. Beby Italy has built his whole culture of beauty and perfection on these ingredients. Ambitious and unique works, always able to excite. The passion for detail and the tailoring of each element, characterize the creations of Designer Silvia Broggian, giving her the impulse to design scenic and functional lighting that blends with luxurious furnishings of prestigious and elegant impact.

This is the flavour searched by a selected clientele, lover of an authentic Made in Italy. An extremely demanding clientele, who can recognize and choose the excellence. The works, housing and furnishings that we design are as tailored clothes made to measure, representing the identity of the wearer. Making the dreams come true is for us a constant challenge, an incentive to seek the value through our artisanship that has always distinguished us and that comes out from all our realizations.

The last frontier of Beby Italy is Hyride.

A work of art of interior lighting with a strong contextual impact, where expert workmanship in which each element is assembled and inserted into the space with a unique skill. The masterpiece emphasizes the air feeling of a luminescent fountain reflection in tones of blue and gold. The name itself identifies its characteristics, Hyride, who in Greek mythology was the goddess of the rainbow, but also connecting to iris as the main instrument of view. The project consists of a metal frame concealed from precious mirrored shaped glass leaves and in a special game of lights, thanks to the Eco-Friendly LED lighting, with double switch, radiating vertical lines and spectacular nuances that make up this masterpiece of massive proportions, attracting the attention at first glance.

A visionary project became reality.


Beby Italy 2016 Beby Italy 2016