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BePositive - italian excellence in shoes


In the early Nineties the word “sneakers” wasn’t in use yet. In those days no one could imagine that gym shoes could be meant as something different from the typical footwear used for gym training, jogging or sports activities.
The history of gym footwear underwent a significant change with the development of the concept of “sneakers” also thanks to BePositive, an Italian brand of worldwide renown located in Maser (Treviso). Born from an idea of footwear master Ubaldo Malvestiti and today managed by Fabrizio Ferraro, BePositive proposes casual footwear, at once elegant and sportive, whose refined freshness makes it suitable for everyday wear matched with classic or even sophisticated clothing. Models 61004 and 61012 dating from 1995 and 1996 are the perfect embodiment of this new trend.
BePositive has always been outstanding for its high quality artisanal items in limited editions. Its sneakers are the excellent outcome of endless research on manufacturing techniques, design and materials. The vamp of the sneaker is integrated with new derby models, with stitching typical of Scottish brogue footwear and leather welt. The avant-garde forms with their pleasant retro taste stand out also for the brand’s cross-shaped logo plaited, laser-designed or printed on the side of each sneaker.
The famous 2013 BePositive Jungle Force, whose form is half way between heavy duty boots and mid basket, have evolved into the Track 01 and the 2018 Track 01 B.SIDE, made in collaboration with DJ Tommy Vee for the capsule collection “Veeshoes”. Unlike the historical model, the new versions are proposed in various colors and their combinations with the addition of the welt, the braided side logo, the strap clasp on the ankle and a new shape.
BePositive - italian excellence in shoes BePositive - italian excellence in shoes BePositive - italian excellence in shoes