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bpositive_0012It’s an invitation, a state of mind, a way of being and dressing and moving in the world: BePositive.
BePositive is the footwear brand born in 1995 which first revolutionised the concept of sneakers thanks to the highly innovative thinking of its creator Ubaldo Malvestiti of Emudesign. Today the brand is owned by Bridge Srl and is ready with a new collection entirely Made in Italy to be relaunched in Italy and around the world. But let’s step back.
It was necessary to be very positive in the late ’80s to believe and invest in a concept that was absolutely disruptive: to change the history of sneakers, no more shoes dedicated to sports and athletes but an accessory to wear every day, for all occasions. If the first t-shirts began to appear under jackets, why not create footwear that can also contaminate styles to wear in the office? The upper of a classic derby was grafted to the base of sport shoe,the stitching from an English brogue appearing on the skin, welt leather was inserted which became the signature of BePositive over time.
The result of a history of innovation, resourcefulness and fashion is evident today in the new BePositive collection for men and women. Evolution has brought new technological features and new appeal to sportsmanship. Vibram soles, midsoles sewn, the upper which remains classical, but which in contrast to what usually happens, becomes the backbone of the entire shoe are the demonstration of how the combination of experience and design can still surpass itself. Here is BePositive with its stylish sneakers, its twists and tunnels, laced easy and sophisticated at the same time, the lace-chic that hides inside the Lycra sock to combine comfort, elegance and trendiness. Wearing BePositive is not only a way to feel “positive” but also to continue a history of success with our steps, in style and freedom of thought and to go far.

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