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Leather Crown sustainable sneakers

Leather Crown – RE-C|R|OWNED process

Leather C|R|OWN has invented the RE-C|R|OWNED process, to give ETERNAL life to any pair of sneakers.
After many years of hard usage, some parts will inevitably deteriorate, affecting the comfort and performance of the sneakers. This is no longer the endgame. Any Leather C|R|OWN customer can send old, used sneakers back to the headquarters, whatever their conditions, and Leather C|R|OWN will give them a new lease of life. They will be reborn and last forever.

The RE-C|R|OWNED process involves the entire shoe being painstakingly deconstructed and sanitized in order to be rebuilt. The sole is removed, followed by the upper from which the lining is then unpicked. anew lining and insole reinstated. Finally a new sole is secured and the shoes are branded with the signature identifying REC|ROWNED stitching. A virtuoso artisanal job, requiring the utmost skill and attention, as every pair presents different problems that have to be individually evaluated and solved.
The result is a characterful pair of sneakers, old on the outside and completely new inside, ready to be worn for years ahead, either by the original owner, or available for a new owner to purchase from selected partnering retailers. RE-C|R|OWNED sneakers are indisputably unique shoes, they are the REAL VINTAGE sneaker. They are the outcome of meticulous restoration, appreciation for quality, perfection in the details. Their aging is true, real. Shoes of substance.