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Cellar Door Italian tradition trousers

The urban style of Cellar Door

Cellar Door is rooted in the Italian artisanal tradition of family-owned firms and in the top quality of made-in-Italy products. Born at Vicenza from historical trouser-manufacturers Vetta, the brand perfectly combines avant-garde stylistic solutions with a passion for traditional tailoring artistry. Characterized by a cross-cultural inspiration that merges native designs with tartan, Cellar Door’s new proposal presents utility wear trousers and skirts featuring military technical details.
Cellar Door Italian tradition trousers Cellar Door Italian tradition trousers

The feeling of cosmopolitism conveyed by the creative mix of loose fit details from the Seventies and an avant-garde style suggests the imaginary merging of a punk-rock generation with that of the new millennium. A unique style, half way between heritage and utility wear, totally independent from season trends, that stands out for the elegance of its forms both in men’s and women’s lines.
Cellar Door’s new design’s updated, urban style is the outcome of the top quality materials and techniques employed, and the brand, by now soaring in the domain of excellence, can look ahead to the future without forgetting its origins.
Cellar Door Italian tradition trousers