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Creative Room: style research, selling value

isko-copIdeas to make the difference: adding value is the purpose of Creative Room™, the Italian İSKO™ center on demand born to make inspirations and solutions for the denim sector available to the market. In addition to the twenty-year experience in this sector of Umberto Brocchetto, the General Manager, and Massimo Munari, the Art Director, one of Creative Room™ strong points is the synergy with the parent company İSKO™, worldwide leader denim producer.
Indeed, thanks to the prompt interpretation of İSKO™ innovative concepts, Creative Room™ is able to start experimenting on the fabrics long before the rest of the industry with a true competitive advantage. So, ranging from style research and product development, to research on treatment and finishing, up to showrooms’interior design, the center provides with its services denim specialist brands, non-denim specialist brands, new brands or start-ups, garment makers and the parent company İSKO™.
Creative Room™ put its one-of-a-kind know-how at disposal also of the young talents participating in İSKO İ-SKOOL™ project, the unique initiative involving some of the most important design schools in Europe in a “talent award” for students. In this context, the specialized center was the reference for the Denim Design Award, leading the operational part by following schools and students through the industrialization of their creations.
İSKO İ-SKOOL™ 2014, in particular, was organized by İSKO™ in partnership with Archroma, Denim by Première Vision, Lenzing, Nearchimica, Tonello, PREMIUM Exhibitions, but also Swarovski, MOLESKINE® and the denim brands GAS, LTB, Made in Heaven and Every Day Counts, with the marketing and communication agency Menabò Group playing a role.


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