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D&A trade Fair


D&A Trade FairDesigners & Agents® an independent, international trade fair with shows in New York, Los Angeles and Paris is a key destination for retailers and designers who define independent design direction in fashion and life style. D&A is known for its careful curation of each category, with a focused point of view in womens ready to wear, accessories, and lifestyle. Each show presents brands from both the United States and throughout the world that are the influencers in the advanced contemporary market.
In recent seasons, D&A has experienced significant growth in the number of international brands on its roster, with designers such as HTC (IT), Kristensen du Nord (DK), Epice (FR), A Brand Apart (IT), Hannes Roether (DE), Bellerose (BE), Laurence Dollige (FR), NDC (BE), and Eva Evam (JP) calling D&A home. In addition to a increase in international brand presence, Designers & Agents has seen substantial growth in attendance from a broad range of international buyers such as Merci and Le Bon Marche from France, Isetan, Beams and United arrows from Japan, Luisa Via Roma in Italy, Jade from Belgium and Harvey Nichols in the UK, to name a few.