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Descente Allterrain innovation and technology

Descente Allterrain

Descente launched its ALLTERRAIN collection in 2012, making use of a vast amount of expertise accumulated in the development of sports and casual wear over many, many years. As its name suggests, it is designed to be all things to all people in all situations – on the basis of simplicity and uncompromising quality, regardless of scene, age, or fashion. It had its beginnings in the now immensely popular Mizusawa Down range, but now covers a much wider range of products, all of which take their cue from the guiding “Form Follows Function” principle that prizes functionality over needless decoration.

StreamLine Technology:Streamline Technology is an innovative way of controlling the flow of water droplets on the surface of the jacket in rainy weather, channeling it away from pockets, cuffs and other important areas, and, on the hood, preventing it from obscuring vision.
Inner Surface Technology: Inner Surface Technology is a cleverly designed ventilation system that takes heat and moisture from places where they tend to build up inside a jacket and allows them to escape through concealed side zippers.
Non-quilt waterproof: Non-quilt construction entails heat welded seams that traditionally were stitched, a process which makes them highly water resistant, thus enabling a totally waterproof garment which is flexible and comfortable. The absence of any needle holes also means that the problem of feathers protruding through seams is a thing of the past.


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Descente Allterrain innovation and technology
Descente Allterrain innovation and technology