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Handcrafted in Italy.

Born in 2018, the brand D’Ottavio is characterized by technical and stylistic traits that are the outcome of their thirty-year experience and have had solid roots in the world of luxury fashion all along. Rigorously handcrafted, D’Ottavio items have a level of functionality that soars as high as the standards of design and the materials they employ, and combine great refinement with a strong, neat character.

The iconic creation E48 is based on four fundamental elements:
The high level of skins’ tactile feel
The extreme care of seams and inner parts
The use of high quality accessories
Innovative design combined with functionality

Creativity is:
Color (or rather dyeing as far as outlines are concerned)

Top quality, a sophisticated design and the brand’s stylistic features are the basic elements which, combined with its international taste, the research conducted and the experience acquired in top level accessories, have made endlessly experimenting and evolving D’Ottavio outstanding.