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Dual-Ism – From street to extreme

dualism-cop‘Something new can emerge when two different things get connected and stimulated by each other’. When two different realities merge something revolutionary can come into being, because nothing is more stimulating than the connection between two protagonists of excellence.
This is what dual-ism project is precisely: an innovative ‘outdoor urban’ style, a project of sartorial engineering that combines research and tradition. Dualism is the outcome of the collaboration between Descente, a leading firm in technical clothing, and Yono, a Japanese pioneering designer who has always tried to integrate functionality and tradition.
Since it was established in 1935, Descente has specialised in ski technical clothing and has devoted great care to product functionality and quality. Descente’s research and development investments have brought about innovative item structures and tailoring techniques, besides leading to the introduction of new materials and to a steady evolution in technical items; as a result Descente has today become one of the most renowned sportswear manufacturers in the world.
Yono defines his own philosophy as‘primal futurism’, and, through his creative concept, aims to extend the use of items ‘from street to extreme’.
Yono loves to define himself a researcher who enjoys step by step the taste of creation: his peculiar skill is the merging of past and future by applying the most advanced techniques to early XIX century working and military wear, which he transforms and redesigns according to present-day canons, while rooting their spirit in tradition. This is the way the useful and the beautiful combine in an extreme search for the purest functionality.
The collection Dualism fw’13 has an urban outdoor soul characterised by compact volumes. It is made up of technical, functional, extra light, waterproof items whose present-day urban design is definitely sophisticated. Some items are realised in kevlar shape memory and polyester, or in high density cotton fabrics, the organic material of jackets. Colours range from basic black, blue, and grey to hues like red, green, camouflage, and the blue-yellow and red-green two-colour versions. The icon item in the collection is an extra light, waterproof, entirely welded jacket realised in 4-way stretch fabric with a very high quality misuzawa down lining. The collection is rooted in Yono’s minimal, classic, rationalistic and intimist aesthetics. The designer’s interest for fashion was born with his love for fabrics and the tailoring of items.
A true passion for research that starts from vintage and combines with his love for craftsmanship.


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