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Dual-Ism Project

Descente, world leader in ski technical clothing, and Yono, a Japanese designer whose credo is ‘primal futurism’, have created ‘Dual-ism Project’.
Descente’s philosophy is based on the merging of technology and design in innovative, extra light products.
Dual-ism Project consists of two lines of jackets labelled DESCENTE and Yono by DESCENTE, focused on the theme “Urban Mobility”.
The employment of kevlar fabrics, high-density waterproof cotton, ‘Mizusawa Down’ Descente’s registered brand, the use of removable linings enables wearers to have three garments in one and attests their sophisticated technology and the top quality of Japanese materials.
These ergonomic models can be used in any weather. What they have in common is the theme of the traveller who lives in the city but can set out on a journey at any moment with the item he is wearing.
The line Descente consists of more technical-looking items of clothing in two or three-layer synthetic materials whose performances are the same if not superior to ski clothing and are waterproof, breathable, light and thermal.
Yono by DESCENTE, instead, employs only natural materials, wool and cotton; the line’s strong point consists in the merging of trendy elements with the best techniques and sport-related performances. The items are suitable both for urban and outdoor use.
Their aim is to dress men in any situation. In fact Dual-ism Project’s mission is well expressed by the formula “From Street to Extreme”, which involves the creation of clothing that can be worn in any context and last in time, the merging of the ordinary and the extreme, the extra-ordinary, through the power of the sportswear style.
Since it was founded in 1935, DESCENTE has searched for comfort, durability and functionality in creations whose innovative forms and structures can meet the demands of sportive people. Yono, instead, has always carried out research on innovative materials, has merged the textile production of Japanese masters with fabrics realised with special dyeing techniques and created a design concept that gives its beautiful, practical garments a precise identity.
Dual-ism Project stems from the connection of sportswear manufacture with avant-garde design, two complementary elements that have in common the outdoor style.