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Guidi Community

Guidi Community

10 years have passed, within a virtual realm, the fusion of artistic expression and genuine admiration for Guidi takes center stage. The guidi_community on Instagram stands as a collaborative space, a digital canvas where creativity and community converges.
A virtual mosaic of publications from artists, stylists,celebrities, artisans, fans and boutiques where they all stands in the same level, sharing the appreciation for Guidi’s products in between Guidi’s original share from art events to brand novelties.

Guidi Shoes - Guidi Shoes Community

Conceptualized by SOME/THINGS agency, featuring images of unique personalities who have incorporated Guidi products into their lifestyle and photographed over the course of 12 months, the community provides insight into the lives of Guidi’s customers, documenting leading figures from stream industries in their homes, workplaces, and favorite locations.
However, the soul of the guidi_community lies not just in the luminaries but in the everyday participants – the followers, fans, and clients. It’s a democratic space where each voice contributes to the ongoing narrative. Through comments, shares, and personal testimonials, a collective passion for the imperfection takes place.
Boutiques extend the Guidi experience to physical spaces. Their representation in the guidi_community underlines the symbiotic relationship between the brand and its retail partners. Together, they create a network that bridges the digital and physical worlds. In essence, the guidi_community is more than an Instagram profile; it’s a living, breathing testament to the enduring allure of Guidi.