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Henderson Shoes Italian craftsmanship at Mug Magazine

Henderson Shoes

Three generations. These two words are enough to convey the essence and history of Henderson, an artisanal footwear brand established in the early ‘thirties in the Brenta Riviera, Europe’s leading footwear district. In those days four craftsmen realized two pairs of handmade shoes a day by selecting first rate materials and following painstaking manufacturing techniques. Over the years, their sophisticated handcrafted footwear soon enabled the brand to spread all over Italy and to expand in the European and worldwide markets.
As it nears a century-old tradition, the brand continues to be rooted in sound values and develops items upon each of which avails itself of experiment, evolution and precise handmade manufacturing techniques.

Henderson footwear, realized without any out-of-house staff contribution, is focused on quality and on an uncompromising philosophy merging design, comfort and modernity, value and excellence. Its excellence, in particular, is based on an extra element, the brand’s all-pervading passion for their work, the unchanging peculiarity that each item of footwear takes on.
An updated idea of luxury rooted in history and tradition.


Henderson Shoes Italian craftsmanship at Mug Magazine
Henderson Shoes Italian craftsmanship at Mug Magazine