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Incotex RED

mug-copRED is the acronym of ”Ricerca E Distribuzione” (“Research and Distribution”).
With this exclusive collection the company extends the limits of research and tries out new fits, new forms of treatment and new materials to bring unique garments into being, clothing for connoisseurs. This RED collection takes inspiration from our love for Japan and handmade Japanese fabrics.
The fabrics of this collection are almost all Made In Japan, in small factories that still have expert employees that use textile machines (and not mechanical machines). They have their own dyeing plant where the dyeing process is obtained using natural pigments, without chemical additive. The same natural treatments can be found also in the printing of the internal lining, handmade with exclusive patterns.
The RED collection is characterised also for the accurate research about details: we can mention the RED logo applied on the trousers, that is inspired by the military Japanese world, and the small bell, hang on the belt loop that refers to the Kimono items.


mug1 mug2