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Manifatture Tessili Vittorio Veneto

MTVV – Manifatture Tessili Vittorio Veneto

For over thirty years, the work of the Manifatture Tessili Vittorio Veneto has been centred around the great tradition of the Treviso textile district. The profound knowledge of the raw material is counterpointed by a continuous search for innovation to create cutting-edge fabrics with a special warp.
Following all the phases of textile production, from dyeing the raw yarn to creating the most unique finishes in the fabric, the company is constantly enhancing its already rich collection to respond to any request for quality and need for distinction.
The MTVV collection features a line of fabrics for casual and classic shirts, mainly yarn-dyed cotton and blends, double twisted and twisted with a sophisticated appearance.

It is a set of micro-designs, weave effects and stripe development which is further en hanced by various finishing processes. This is accompanied by yarn-dyed and piece-dyed clothing fabrics made with various natural yarns and specific dyes. A ‘double-thread’ process to synergisti cally respond to the changeability in the market and the most specific crea tive needs through a collection capable of ranging from the most classic and consolidated shirt fabrics, to the most innovative combinations of blends and finishes.

Expertly crafted fabrics that are able to anticipate trends and shape the fashion to come. 

Fabrics with a sturdy weave of thoughts and styles