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Leather Crown

leathercrown-25-copAvailable since 2009, the brand Leather Crown was established in the heart of the Brenta Riviera by Oscar Cavallin and his son Giovanni, a brand totally made in Italy, and aimed at meeting the demands of customers who want up-to-date, refined sneakers for their leisure time. Season after season Leather Crown has become widespread in the world of fashion, has constantly evolved its style by searching for up-to-date, quality materials,  by devoting great care to details and attention to  changes in market trends, the turning-points in the creation of its image.
A preview of the brand’s evolution has already been presented in the best stores with a spring-summer 2015 flash and will be confirmed in the coming seasons starting from the winter show.
Having achieved a balance and  maturity of its own, the Venetian brand’s aim is to keep growing and to widen its perspectives and sales network also thanks to its recent Paris-based collaborations and the TRANOI show. The change can first of all be perceived in the choice of the new logo with the stylized crown coupled with a linear font, in the combination of different materials chosen to create an urban look, and in the new mood of the collection characterized by neat lines. The key word is synthesis. A small but significant side event is the Lab project, sneakers available only online to support Unicef’s PIGOTTA program (Further information about the program are available on the official Leather Crown site: leathercrown.it/shop).
Today’s objective is to create a product recognizable even without a label.

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