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maniketta-copThe term MANIKE++A stands for a thick, compact, fireproof and waterproof  tube  made of polyester and rubber.
From a fire-fighting hose Paolo Pasqualin drew the name of the brand he created, and,  once processed by hand, the salvage leads to the creation of sneakers, bags, eye glasses and bike accessories. MANIKE++A’S creative director comes from the world of design and fashion. Thanks to his background Paolo Pasqualin has created a line that combines futuristic design, colors and innovation and has  given life to a concept and a lifestyle that surpasses the brand itself. The two pluses ( ++)  in blue and red in the logo stand for water and fire, man and woman.
“The story of MANIKE++A started when I lived in San Diego, California – Paolo Pasqualin explains. I’m very fond of the old style, tattoos and bikes. One afternoon I was at Pacific Beach, and after having a tattoo made I lingered outside the shop watching a splendid pan head HD bike dating from 1950 whose exhausts were completely coated with  fireproof polyester. After inquiring about it, I discovered that it was a material derived from fire-fighting hoses. A year after I came back to Italy I found a disused hose and I thought of creating design objects. The Brand ‘MANIKE++A, positive people, positive world’ was born.” Handicrafts keep all products made by hand flying. The uniqueness of each single item is the mark of authenticity that starts from the processing of recycled materials. After the fire-fighting hose is cut by hand, rimmed and adjusted, a range of exclusive items is created. The lining and details of accessories are made with first rate Italian materials, from the leather for the lining to the zippers.
The brand offers a wide range of products, rigorously design accessories that can be worn from head to foot, with sneakers and glasses on the forefront. The curiosity and the novelty to see a material transformed and radically changed gives life to MANIKE++A  exclusive, unique products.



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