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Maglow white bags line

Maglow – Create the White Line

In the realm of contemporary craftsmanship, one Italian brand stands tall – Maglow. The name ‘Maglow’ is a neologism created from the fusion of ‘mind’ and ‘aglow’ combined in the colour white, which highlights the designs and is rooted in the ancient Indo-European lexeme ‘bha’, an archaic term for ‘white’ symbolising both ‘light’ and ‘thought’. Their iconic motto, ‘Create the White Line’, effortlessly echoes this concept.

Maglow white bag

Every phase of production is meticulously executed in-house. Their commitment is to uphold product quality, embrace a rooted and sustainable supply chain, and integrate digital innovations to reach those who recognise the value of modern Italian craftsmanship. Maglow’s handbags are masterpieces of minimalistic aesthetics, ingeniously structured and engineered in their design and function.