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Moa shoes

Moa Concept

Sustainability meets technology.

A Florence-based Tuscan footwear factory, Moa concept is unmistakably a lifestyle brand that combines product design and quality with social and environmental friendliness, focusing on art, talent and creativity. Drawing inspiration from the epoch-making eighties, Master Legacy are the perfect sneakers for one’s leisure, with an extra touch of elegance due to their neat design and high quality workmanship, the basic principles of Moa concept philosophy.

Besides the classic skin type, Moa concept now proposes Master Legacy sneakers in two rigorously eco-friendly versions: Organicraft (in recyclable, compostable, biodegradable skin that undergoes organic and vegetable dyeing) and Apple Skin ( a sustainable skin from the industrial processing of apples, a cruelty free, totally ecological material).

Blockchain technology and mood sneakers are now merged in a project of concrete support to art. Since it was established, Moa concept has had a strong link with art in its social, cultural and creative aspects. Thanks to Q-Art code project, based on NFT technology, when making a purchase each client can use a QR code attached to the sneakers to actively take part in a creative project of urban renewal. Besides showing how inventive and passionate Moa concept’s soul is, this unique project pioneers the interchange between the world of fashion and technology to achieve a positive social art.
Moa concept shoes