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Mug #23 Editorial

Mug #23 coverA story to be told, an item of clothing that soars above the material it is made of, to become a tactile, mnemonic, iconic sensation.What with elitist exasperation and affordable mass fake luxury, the great circus of fashion seems to have exploded, replaced by a galaxy of fragments for us to  approach, identify, and decode.

The world of clothing is starting to discover the richness of specific projects that don’t  rely only on cold marketing calculations, but on ideas and products deriving from the observation of reality, the reading of the history of clothing and a true technical knowledge of materials and fabrics. Today tradition and innovation turn out items which, far from showy, are useful for their beauty and simplicity.A close analysis shows that, in a global world, a simple craftsman can discover  to be on the same wavelength as a far off colleague without having ever met him. Needless to say, in a world where speed is essential, a collective need makes itself felt in no time: a search for realism, a liking for products made with the brain and the heart, the care for people are now becoming a new need. Mug Magazine’s attitude of research implies to slowly enjoy the small treasures that passion and creativity can engender, to emphasise the names and stories of those who are passionately working day after day in the world of clothing,  art and design to establish new meaningful aesthetic standards.

In this issue of Mug Magazine no item in particular is for the first time the main protagonist; all items are equally protagonists, provided  a step back is taken to give  people concrete, functional, aesthetic values.