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Mug #24 Editorial


edit24copToday’s managers must be able to interpret and govern  the world of creativeness and the unknown, as their ideas take shape and become projects, their dreams come true. The speed imposed by the internet seems to  be all-pervading; while consumption habits change, velocity and frivolity make us live in an endlessly changing world.
In this context e-commerce grows to the detriment of retail; final consumers strive for exclusive items they are physically unable to get, be they in Tokyo, Stockholm or Copenhagen. Yet, everything can be obtained with a click.
By answering the demands of final consumers manufacturers’ business model has changed;  aimed at rationalizing the chain of production, their new strategy boosts local production but involves global planning, at once enhancing and rewarding quality and craftsmanship.

Mug Magazine wants to rediscover and link the values and traditions of successful family-run firms, in which the new generations have integrated their fathers’ skills by widening the market through a balanced, consistent strategy.