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The Wall

More than 30 years of experience in the 3 core business elements: wholesale, retail and PR.
THE WALL has provided a comprehensive range of services from all aspects in a consistent process.

In addition to their offices and showrooms, their two select stores in the premium areas of Tokyo are a testament to their trajectory and achievements to date.

By maximizing the crossover effect, they are able to enhance their brand image, drive to final sales, and create a brand community.
They believe no brand is alike, and behind every brand there is a strong story to be told. Providing clients and consumers the right set of tools to hone their
brand and bring that story to light is our mission.
THE WALL PR SHOWROOM is based on the heart of the fashion district of Tokyo, and lately started a new showroom called “THE W SHOWROOM” in Paris, to introduce Japanese talented brands and also up-coming international brands during the Paris Fashion Week.

The Wall Showroom