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Mug #25 Editorial

25-copTwo thousand fifteen – in an ever changing world, where customs and values appear fragile and outdated, we want to go back over the experiences that have characterized us within the fashion system, which is richer and richer in eye-catching containers but lacks substantial contents. Our desire to go back to our origins leads us to give actions a special value, to revisit the canons in a context based on acting with the belief that progress is rooted in the past.
Today’s world, dominated by velocity and fragility, has set aside aesthetics and has supplanted it with the concept of intrinsic value so that each factor and shift play a key role. The increased value and rediscovery of people’s know-how connected with craftsmanship, technology or art have become the way to bring about a new vital dynamism in individuals and society.
A desire to communicate, to inform and form is the very heart of the 25th issue of Mug Magazine which for the last time offers the section ‘Back in the Days’ where can be found the basic principles that have characterized our project from the very beginning.