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Mug #25 showcase

showcase-25-copThe present age is characterized by the creation of a number of containers that can influence the fashion, design and art markets. Similar to machines devoted to sales but lacking in contents, such containers are aimed at taking advantage of the current trends regardless of any project’s sustainability.
Art galleries, trade centers and e-commerce have in turn become containers which, coupled with that of brands, bring about their success or decline. Such fast-fashion-oriented conception does not allow for contents or the intrinsic value of objects. Each transaction is simply judged in terms of sales.
As we buck the trend and go back in time we are led to rediscover our forgotten ethics and its value, when being an artist and a designer was not market-oriented but a form of self-expression, poetic creativeness for its own sake, when the urge to discover and invent led to various forms of progress which  in turn gave life to icons, brands and inventions that we take for granted today and consider fundamental. Desire is the urge that triggers life, that has brought about revolutions, that leads us to stake our life and invest on ourselves; if we lacked it we would have no chance of projecting ourselves into the future.