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Mug 26 Editorial page 2016

Mug Magazine #26 – Editorial

We live in a world where promises are hardly ever kept and consensus is short lived. This issue of Mug Magazine is once again aimed at exploring in depth the frontiers and traditions of fashion in pursuit of true quality, which is too often extolled and linked to trade and marketing strategies for inferior products that outlets propose at low foreplanned prices.

The official prices of products often exceed their real value, and the underlying objective reasons for this, such as a functional innovative design, the features of materials or the manufacturing skills, frequently go hand in hand with secondary factors, such as the number of intermediaries, logistics and marketing costs or the brand’s renown. The latter can’t be undervalued or be done away with, but must be taken into due consideration.

With the widespread use of online shopping, anybody can buy straight from the manufacturer or share the experience through the social network, or publicly appreciate or slight a brand. When a market is unable to assess the correct quality-price relationships it becomes the target of false promises, the ideal ground for distorted opinion.In this cultural and historical context Mug Magazine aims at informing readers through its own local viewpoint open to world fashion.

Mug 26 editorial 2016 Mug 26 cover 2016