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Mug Magazine issue 27 Editorial

Mug Magazine #27 – Editorial

As online transactions become more and more widespread, product or  brand success depends not only on their quality but  on the increasing  effectiveness, rationality and simplicity of communication. The way ideas are conveyed has become as important as ideas themselves, and consistency and reliability are of basic importance.
Retail is today characterized by too many conflicts between the items in cities’ shop-windows and low-cost bargains, between actual outlets and those involved in redistribution. This is why customers involved become increasingly uncertain and their trust is often irretrievably lost.  We must once again focus on consumers, on their wishes and needs, their satisfaction in buying products and the pleasure they experience in owning them.

This year Mug Magazine’s renewed aim is to present protagonists in the world of fashion  who struggle for the above challenging achievements, to illustrate their research on materials, know-how, artisanal skills, technology, detail quality and capacity to realize value-added.

Mug Magazine issue 27 Editorial
Mug Magazine issue 27 Editorial