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Mug Magazine issue 28: highlight and editorial

Mug Magazine #28 – Editorial

Globalization and e-commerce have led fashion retailers worldwide to fight for sales profits, costs management, digital innovation and b2b redistribution in emerging countries’ growing markets.
After achieving renown a brand finds it more and more difficult to remain successful, and it is too often
tempted to speculate on its fame to the detriment of its original value. Mug Magazine presents brands that preserve and increase their value while keeping their reliability from season to season. As buyers’ experience and wishes must come first, the spread of art and technology, the pleasures of the flesh, food, entertainment and design must be correlatives that enrich their enjoyment. Mug Magazine aims to illustrate this context by providing examples of iconic products that embody both their history and the endless work of the people who realize them.

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Mug Magazine issue 28: highlight and editorial Mug Magazine issue 28: highlight and editorial