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Olang and its Panorama shoe collection

Olang – our vision is your panorama

Founded in 1990, Olang is an Italian brand of winter and trekking/outdoor footwear. It has always offered evolution, innovation and quality without sacrificing the ancient Italian footwear tradition. The constant search for increasingly avant-garde materials, together with the creativity and meticulous technical product design, is shaping the Olang collections, presenting a product which is glamorous and high-tech at the same time.
Olang and its Panorama shoe collection

Particular attention is given to the women’s collection, where there is an ever-increasing search for the finest leathers and accessories: from ponyskin to Shearling, including animal prints, crocodile and lapin details. Olang offers a wide range of products that meet the needs of women who still want to look chic while wearing comfortable and enveloping footwear.

Many of the models in the winter collection are also produced with a crampon sole with OC system, a unique patent in the world, which Olang uses on exclusive soles designed within the company. This is an anti-slip system that increases the grip of the shoes, making the step comfortable and stable on any ice-covered surface. The shoe has a mobile system with two positions: “grip-on” for icy surfaces and “grip off” for walking on any surface without damaging it. 

For the new autumn winter season Olang is offering a new line called PANORAMA|73. Current and glam, this line has a versatile and contemporary feel with exclusive Olang technical detail.
Olang and its Panorama shoe collection Olang and its Panorama shoe collection

The concept of the collection is based on the design of a new thermal shell, which is anatomical and resistant even to particularly harsh temperatures with a comfort zone down to -20°. The shell is glued to the sole made of SBS, a special non-slip rubber, to ensure complete freedom of movement without sacrificing waterproofing and thermal insulation thanks to the special multilayer ISO WARM insole and the Eco-sheepskin lining.

Original carry overs to be worn every day, made with fine tanned leather with a vintage effect or in ponyskin, characterised by simple lines and colours, in patterns ranging from blue to white, to warmer and more trendy shades such as curry. 

Comfortable shapes that embrace your feet and provide total comfort, footwear created to accompany the wearer through the streets of the world, where it is not the destination that counts, but the path undertaken and experienced.

This is the idea of freedom for Olang: a Panorama!