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oxydo-25-copOxydo is an innovative brand of Safilo Group devoted to a young, creative,  clientele of trendsetters.
The new collection emphasizes the basic features of the brand: an innovative, unconventional approach, an essential updated minimal design, and its revolutionary handling of colours with four color stories for each model. The brand’s distinctive marks are its design in light and bold volumes, the laser printed logo on the right endpiece and the iconic “step hinge”, a metal element integrated in the hinge which creates a contrast with the side arms and provide the profile of the glasses with an original detail.
For p/e 15 Oxydo presents also two fantastic collectors capsule collections. The first is a collaboration with the Dutch visual artist Sigrid Calon.  Drawing inspiration from her style, Oxydo models avail themselves of prism graphics to create a wide range of tridimensional, psychedelic effects, which in turn result in innovative design models whose colour contaminations draw inspiration from handmade processing and matter textures, and lead to surprising effects that recall visual art. The second collaboration was designed with the contribution of the Berlin-born illustrator Felix Bauer who gives the brand’s enthusiasts a new, irreverent interpretation of the most significant models in the collection. His surreal, unconventional graphics characterizes the incisive black and white frames, conjuring up five fable worlds that share  stylized, dream-like natural elements.

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oxydo-25-1  oxydo-25-2