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Parajumpers Stories


The last section of Parajumpers multimedia travel diary,  devoted to extraordinary  celebrities, tells about their great steadfastness, the pinch of madness they convey  and the  boundless unpolluted nature they immerse themselves in.It is about the adventurers of the sky, the Bush Pilots of Alaska, who have explored the farthest parts of America relying on their courage and experience.

Leighan Falley is one of such personalities, a pilot from Talkeetna Air Taxi based 115 miles north of Anchorage, south of Denali National Park. One of the few women pilots in Alaska who, flying her Beaver, daily faces the hazards of the wild north as she explores and admires the unspoiled natural environment where  the only open road available is the sky. For Leighan Falley it is a question of love and passion, a chance to leave  frantic city  life, to reach and discover the remotest places in Alaska.

Falley is not only a courageous pilot, but a mother and a mountain climber. In seek of adventures, she is an expert explorer who loves her Alaska and its mountains, a place to admire while flying over it and to discover by climbing its peaks. As Falley says such experiences merge the beauty and harshness of the places, taxing her mind and body but giving her the most beautiful emotions in return.


Parajumpers Stories
Parajumpers Stories