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Parajumpers – a colour journey

The urban soul meets the wilder one for a colourful journey through unspoiled nature.
A Colour Journey is the exploration of unspoiled nature, reaching the highest peaks of the Dolomites. The woman of A Colour Journey is empowered by the wilderness and the natural environment. Colours are there to enhance the different shapes of nature and to define each time a different aspect of the human essence. From elegance to fierceness, this project by Parajumpers is a burst of energy and vitality, blending the urban side with the wilder one.
Parajumpers - a colour journey PJS - a colour journey

Parajumpers’ most feminine outerwear photographs are skilfully matched to the incredible artwork of the Italian artist, Filippo Minelli. Minelli documents ephemeral performances in remote places on Earth centered around the materialisation of silence through the use of smoke grenades. Due to the different aspects of natural elements the smoke behaves in unpredictable ways, creating unique shapes and colours in every given moment. In these photographs, silence becomes something physical, transforming itself into medium: it is a physical presence creating a mental space, to contemplate and perhaps explore.

Wandering through the high peaks and unspoiled valleys of the Dolomites, Parajumpers women’s collection colours its surroundings with pastel and bright nuances: Dusty Yellow, Holiday Green, Silver Pink, PJS Orange, Nocturne Purple, Scarlet Red, these are the true colours of the current collection for women.
PJS colored jackets Parajumpers jackets Parajumpers