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Parajumpers - portraits of Brooklyn

Parajumpers | portraits of Brooklyn

Lively creativity and an unmistakable style have long characterized Brooklyn, New York, the source of inspiration par excellence, the place where Jay-Z learnt the abc of rap, Mike Tyson started his career and Barbara Streisand became a talented singer. These images from Parajumpers of some of the district’s coolest personalities, and of the styles and lifestyles they embody, are the perfect homage to iconic Brooklyn.

Q: How does your style reflect you?
A: My style reflects the pace of my life. I’m
always on the go, and I have to be ready
for anything, because opportunities are
everywhere. (Agasha)
Q: What do you look for in a personality?
A: People who are passionate for life and
what they do in it.
Q: Tell us a secret about yourself.
A: I have not cut or trimmed my hair for
11 years. I see it as an extension of my
creativity, and my eagerness to grow and
explore new terrain. (Jack)
Q: What do you look for in clothes?
A: It’s all about the details. I’m a quiet
person, so I focus on texture, material and
fit, rather than loud colors. (Ruth)
Parajumpers - photo shoot in Brooklyn People from Brooklyn by Parajumpers brand
Black and white portraits of Brooklyn
Q: What attracts you to a person?
A: I focus more on vibe than personality.
I’m always looking for –
or trying to pull out – the good
vibes in people.
Q: What attracts you to a piece
of clothing?
A: Everything I buy, I look at
as an investment. I look at the
quality to see how it’s made, the
materials used, and I like to buy
things that I can wear over time,
if not for my lifetime, versus seasonal
trends. (Ian)
Parajumpers - portraits of Brooklyn Portraits of Brooklyn

Photography by Marcus Troy and Naskademini of Mith Media | Street casting by Jorge Gitoo Wright.